A text-only statement (or "manifest") --
a constructive statement
in favour of real money

-- and against all sorts of digitalised money
except rarely, so as to rebuild and replenish
trust in the foundational tokens of good economy

"Credit card -- any card, plate or coupon book that 
may be used repeatedly to borrow money or buy goods 
and services on credit."

"Ever since Croesus, the first millionaire, invented 
gold coins, money has depreciated."
-- Ian Fleming through one of his characters in "James Bond"

1. We hold that credit cards lead to increased spending
beyond one's limits

2. Thus credit cards lead to an increased chance of people
becoming payment slaves of various types of loan sharks

3. And therefore that credit cards, by and large, should not
exist in a healthy economical society


4. We hold that it is part of economy to be able to do
such as purchase a cup of coffee, t-shirt, groceries, or
a pair of shoes, buy a painting, or a particular flavour 
of yoghurt, without any company director having to 
store this information about you in a computer database,
or without having go through e.g. a phone company

5. It is part of a healthy sturdy economy with a positive
outlook that people at large can trust one another not to
invade the privacy of one another by needless request of
personal data when one, to use the conventional, classical
term -- "goes to the markets". The fact that there are 
a few people in a society that can engage in criminal
action is not a reason to activate constant surveillance
of all people, but rather something that the police in
a society must be able to relate to more precisely and
intelligently than that

6. We hold that physical money gives a person a physical,
tangible overview over the reality of the quantity of money
at hand, in a way that a mere number on a small screen here
and there cannot in any way replace; and that this perception
over the quantity of money shouldn't be mimicked by virtual
means but be part of the reality of what money is all about.
The fact that this money is more easily transferred to others
is not a reason to pack it into digital gadgets or cards or
other means, but a reason to embrace physical money as a 
great way to enhance a good economy in a healthy way

7. A society with a natural focus on cash has many banks,
reducing the need to carry large amounts of cash for any
great lengths of time. The banks, and any cards they issue,
can be used when it's particularly called for, in definite,
limited cases. These banks are part of what a state ought to
help make good room for, and cannot be replaced by digital
elements -- AT ALL! The state must then not provide services
that are dependent on surveillance-oriented digital money,
but make it easy to make both cash and also things near cash,
such as impersonal cash cards, fully usable for ALL services
including also travel

8. A society dedicated to a natural, healthy economy also
teaches its young to defend themselves, by bare-hand martial
arts self-defence methods, so that it's easier to move about
when one wants, where one wants, clothed the way one wants,
and carrying with one whatever valuables that one wants. 
We hold that this is a more realistic approach than trying
to put things away digitally, because the total physical
health of the real city economy (or economies) depend on
real people doing real actions, and cannot be reduced to
computer actions

***This is a statement of intent. It is submitted as an advice
to guide the future development of civilised society. It is not
a declaration against any particular existing institution in
the society, and, for practical purposes, a person distributing
this text may perfectly naturally, at the same time, also employ
such instruments as this text advices against, even as the INTENT
is outlined for what can be said to be a long-term healthy political
development, where the analogue retains the natural upper hand
over the digital as it always must have. This is submitted in
good faith and without attachment to any particular political
ideology or wing, whether left or right.

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