Advertisement is about trust: generating trust, deserving trust, reaffirming trust, and converting this trust both to money for the seller, and to good, fair and high-integrity buys for new and existing customers Advertisement is about communication: quality time, reflection, inspiration; it is about giving attention to those who deserve to get it. Advertisement is about relationship: meeting people where they are; but a relationship which has a meaningful foundation, which obviously must go beyond any notion of hyper-tracking or over-repetitiveness READ ON! HOW TO GENERATE INCOME BY OFFERING ADVERTISEMENT SPACES ALSO AT THE WEB, AND HOW TO GENERATING INCOME BY SELLING YOUR PRODUCTS VIA ADVERTISEMENTS, ALSO AT THE WEB? AND TO DO THIS IN A HIGH-INTEGRITY WAY? TO CONTRIBUTE TO CREATIVITY & FAIRNESS ON THE NET: Beneath is a list--updated occasionally, which we have prepared Let it be said, though, first: few things can beat classical ads in classical media-- newspapers in their paper form, fashion magazines in their paper form, radio, street posters, etc. That's the ultimate way to advertise a product--because the digital way is often but an uncalled-for slowing of computers. (Still, computers can be used to relay such as radio; or radio with a series of images.)

WELCOME! INTRODUCTION The worldwide, and perhaps even more, the European, market for advertising involves fierce competition. As you know, "AD" really means anno Domini -- the year of the Lord, but let's accept the abbreviation that 'ad' can also mean 'advertisement'. We intend, want meaningful advertisement approaches, obviously, and these must make sense. But then we do not necessarily believe that 'adSense' is 'adding sense' or indeed making any much sense at all. There are, there must be, better ways than the gorilla-way of implementing ads on the net, and indeed making ads work in the technologised societies generally. We also seek more privacy-aware, and more european -- ie, intelligent, not superficially pragmatic -- approaches to advertisement than those rather fossiled approaches originated before the beginning of time (ie, like 2003) by such as Google. Also, newspapers can find better approaches than such as AdTech, which is -- as many advertisement systems are -- owned by a circle of companies, where the same companies and names tend to arise again and again. So what alternatives are there to the ad gorillas? The best answer, naturally, is that you must explore this yourself, and be willing to be smooth and flexible in trying various alternatives and always remember that companies, small as big, are as varied in integrity and ethics as people themselves are. This is a list which certainly will be of value to you if you explore it with all analytical powers and gut feeling also intact. The list is updated some times pr season and there may be links which have to be modified or deleted, and there are certainly more who deserve to be linked here also. Alphabetical (after first prefix), incomplete list -- some may have shifted business, some may be part-owned by some of the too-dominant forces in the area, some are likely to have all sorts of tracking mechanisms or ad types or financial stability features you may want to cross-check before signing up with any one them. And ALWAYS remember that a popular website can contact people who wish to advertise on their site DIRECTLY, and provide FIXED ads which are paid for by a PRE-ARRANGED price -- a tradition that it makes sense to trust that will be more invoked in these privacy-aware times. For this is what build up all the paper newspapers, earlier on, and it has never been firmly proved -- the evidence is simply not there -- that tracking and data-mining means that there will be more buying effect of the ads shown. It might have been so initially, in the early days on the web, before people realised what was going on. Now, people would probably prefer a website that shows the same gleaming Mercedes-Benz for ALL viewers on the front page, and well-selected, beautiful ads inside -- in addition to sections with classified ads -- right? That has a cleaner look, a much, much cleaner look! Anyway!

ALPHABETICAL, -- YOU MUST YOURSELF DO THE QUALITY CHECK BEFORE SIGNING UP TO ANY SUCH SERVICE AS MIGHT BE INDICATED IN THIS LIST; READ LIST BOTTOM-UP IF YOU WANT TO COUNTER THE ALPHABETICAL BIAS! ;-) List have been manually checked by this author only as regards the fact that on the surface the MIGHT represent an alternative to the advertisement behemoths and their hypnotic unethical productiveness: As we see it, it isn't enough that a web advertisement bureau is independent, in terms of their company, from the most notorious approaches; they must also adhere to the principle of showing good-looking ads without data-mining (ie, without secretly cataloguing people). They must not close the website if it is viewed without cookies turned on, and without scripts turned on. They must welcome the fact that modern intelligent net interactors want to view text and images, and that can include ads -- without being viewed back all the time! And this should offer no trouble at all, as this has been the established approach for such as paper newspaper ads for considerably more than a century before the advent of computers! It is a reasonable thing to expect. It is natural to expect. And there's legislation in place, in many countries, also in USA and Europe, to ensure that no single advertisement agency can demand dominance over the websites. Make use of this freedom, and become part of a future-friendly, privacy-friendly trend where technology is not only green, but also aware of subtle human dignity issues which the early computer era perhaps wasn't entirely up to. It's time to do it right!

So, let's also remember that people with more buying power generally use real computers, that is, real Personal Computers with keyboards and mouse-pointer devices, and that advertisements oriented towards those who interact with the web with a PC rather than access networks via pocket computers with miniscreens may be a good way to great economy. In addition, as advertiser, I suggest you contact magazines, paper newspapers, webblogs, etc DIRECTLY and ask for advertisements for your products to be inserted completely without tracking mechanisms and without dependency on javascript or cookies or supercookies (flash cookies). Obviously, we want to reach also smart users of the net who are browsing intelligently, and we want to do it in a fairly noble and good way -- and on these conditions, we welcome earning money. Where enough people have a will to create this sort of economy, there's a way! GOOD BUSINESS!!!!!!